Stop By These Four Great Irving TX Attractions

Irving TX is quite the exceptional city, with a population of almost a quarter of a million. With nearly 40 major attractions listed on a top travel site, Irving is a wonderful place to take a family vacation. We’re going to start with the Irving Arts Center, and I’m going to tell you about three more wonderful places to visit as well.

The Irving Arts Center is home to four galleries and two theaters, and its location is 3333 North MacArthur Boulevard. Catch a show or performance at a venue that plays host to almost 300 events annually. The sculpture garden is said to be one of the best points of interest there, too. You and your family will enjoy a trip to the Irving Arts Center.

The Toyota Music Factory is located at 316 Las Colinas Boulevard. There are some great music shows there, and everyone really says that you’re going to have a great time if you visit the music factory. You’re going to be out in the burbs, and there’s lots of good food there. You will also find that you can get a VIP package, and you might want to look into that if you want the best experience.

Cistercian Abbey is located at 3550 Cistercian Road, and it is said to be a quiet retreat. You can go to Sunday mass there, or you can stop by on another day. The church looks quite unique from the outside, and you’re going to get to see the interior as well. The church’s architecture was modeled after an ancient European monastery. The grounds are also said to be quite beautiful.

Fritz Park Petting Farm is full of great animals, including sheep, goats, a miniature horse and donkeys. Stop by and visit all the barnyard creatures, and you know that the kids will love the experience. Peacocks, cows, chickens and rabbits are all there, too. What’s great is that the Fritz Park Petting Farm is free as well.

The petting farm, abbey, music factory and arts center are all waiting for you when you visit Irving TX. There are also many other great attractions that you can stop by and see when you’re in the area. It’s going to be quite the fun time, and now you can get started with your vacation experience. Plan to see as many places as you can when you make your way to the city of Irving TX.